Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Kit

Do you have Facial Hair growing? You dont have the Money to get a Laser Treatment? Then you defiantly need to keep reading.. 

Not normal amount of Facial Hair on the Face has a lot of Reasons, mine is that i have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom) so my Hormons are bringing the Extra hair on the face and body. There are other Causes & Reasons why we have Facial Hair click HERE to find out why!

I dont have as much Facial Hair Grow Problem as others, but its still there. I never ever waxed my Face, shaved or anything like that, but these last few Weeks they really annoyed me specially after i applied Foundation and sprayed my fix mist on my Face, the Hairs all stood up like it was WAR Time! Thats when i knew i had to do something. So i youtubed a lot! Saw a lot of Things & Products how to get rid of it. First i thought why just dont shave them? Simply because they grow back in way faster & thicker! 
SO i went to Target this Morning and found this Product from Hally Hanson!

Before i used this Product i made sure that i read the Instructions, i just didnt wanted to mess up my Face by doing wrong Steps. It didnt say anything about a Clean Face, but i made sure that i had no Makeup on my Face and no other Products ect. So i put a Pea Size of the Hair Remover Creme on my Hand and then gently applied it on my Face. Make sure it doesnt come on your Lips, cause it will dry them out BAD, also dont apply it on your eye brows or actuall Hair!!!! The hair remover process takes 3 - 10 minutes to set in depending on your hair type and density. All in one i applied it three Times cause after every Time i took the whole Cream down there were still Hairs. One thing i didnt liked about this Creme was the Fact then as soon as you put it down your Skin starts burning, not to the point i would cry :) but it was def a burning there! But the good thing was that my Skin felt really smooth. Right after i washed my Face with warm Water, i applied the Lotion Creme that it came with it, and first my Skin burned even more but like after 5 minutes, it felt really good to have that Creme on my Face, it calms the Burning down a lot!

This Kit comes with the Hair Remover Creme (2.4 OZ 68g), a aftercare Lotion (0.5fl oz 14.7ml) which is really "runny" not as Water but it almost felt like a Gel! I would say it would last you up to 4 uses! he bottle came with a convenient airtight pump and they added an applicator unto which you can squeeze the product. 

The Remover Creme has some sort of a Alcohol Scent and a weird Like Hair Bleach Smell i would say? The Aftercare Lotion does smell good though!
 I paid 5.65$ at Target, there is a 2$ Coupon online right now though!
Where to purchase: 
Available at all major pharmacies, Target, Walmart. 

Would i Repurchase?:
I would say yes, even though it burned a lot after i took the Cream down, i would def repurchase it. Simply because of the Fact that its really affordable and it does its Job! And it didnt break me out or left my Face red like a Tomoto, cause that was the only Thing i was really afraid of, cause my skin tends to be very Sensitive. I hope this Review helped a little Bit for your possible future hair removal procedure.

A Day after my Skin finally feels normal! The Day i applied it my Skin felt like someone rubbed a rock on my Skin, to be honest i havent felt like it was my Skin on me.. Weird as it sounds! I had to reapply other Moisturizer at least 3 Times during the Day cause it dried my Skin out SO BAD! Today i feel like nothing happend yesterday, so im good to go =] I will keep you uptodate on when i have to do this again.

 Remember your Skin might react different then mine did, check the Ingredients first, cause you might react way different!

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