Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Go 360° Clean by L'Oreal Paris USA

First i heard about this Product from a lot of Beauty Gurus on youtube, so i went ahead and tried the Orange Bottle first which was the Anti Breakout one and i really enjoyed it. Then i thought hey lets try the green one since this one is specialized for Deep Cleansing and Pores so for People like me with huge ones i thought it would be perfect! Came out i acutally really LOVE this one as well! It makes my Skin really Clean, smooth and doesnt make me even break out more! 

This Product comes in 5 different "options" make sure to read for what the particular one is for! Every Bottle comes with a Scrublet, which i absolutely adore! I feel that when i use the Scrublet it makes my Skin "double" as clean as i would wash it with my Hands only!

The Cleanser comes with a well-designed soft, rubbery applicator - srcublet - that makes cleansing fast and easy. So what i do is, i wet my Face first then i apply the Product on the Scrublet and gently start rubbing my Face with it. DONT Scrub like crazy though it might irritate your Skin. After im finish with that Part i simply wash it off with warm water, not too cold and not too hot! And then continue with the Rest of my Skincare.. 

 Would I repurchase?:
 Absolutely YES! Im Combination to Very Oily Skin so this def helped me from keeping away Acne!

5.99-6.99$ (for 6 FL OZ) from what i see, but Prices may very from State to State! 

 Where to purchase: 
Available at all major pharmacies, Target, Walmart. 

Hope this helped you a little for Choosing your next Skincare Product. 
Till next Time <3 

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