Sunday, May 6, 2012


Cosmetics & Beauty Products are not Cheap, can we agree on that? We all want that Palette and that high end Product but in the End we all think "Heck i dont have that much Money left to buy all those Stuff"... Here are some Tips how i save Money on my Favorites: 

As many of my Friends & Family know i LOVE Couponing!
Im not only Coupon Crazy about Groceries but most for all Beauty & Cosmetics Products. What i do is, i always look for any Sales that are going on. Like today, RITEAID has a Sale going on for Wet n Wild Cosmetics. Every Product that Retails for 1.99$ in on sale for 1.29$, now if i would have at least a 0.50$ for it i would it get it for 0.79$ each! So a total Savings of 1.20$ IF! 

 Or lets say Target would have a Sale going on for Revlon Colorstay Foundation lets say for 10.49.. and i would have a Manufactor Coupon from Revlon for 2$ (you can find them at Sites like or in coupon inserts that you find in sundays newspapers) and a TARGET COUPON for 2$ as well (you can find that one on Target`s Site) so that makes a Total of 4$!! Which trust me is a lot! So you would have to pay 6.49 for a usually 12.99$ foundation a saving of 6.50$ so basicly you could get 2 Foundations of the Price of One!

A HUGE TIP: Check the Clearence Section at your Store: OK some of you might think what a Cheapskate! Well Clereance doesnt mean that its old or nasty or anything like that, it could happen that the Store has ordered too many of them, or the Company has discontinued that particular Product. There are tons of Reasons why a Product is on Clearence, but of course be sure that it isnt ripped open or 

Here is another Trick on how to save on High End Products:
First off no matter what Product you buy such as Foundation ask in the Stores like Ulta or Sephora for Samples! You dont want to buy a Full Size Foundation for 30$ just to found out that it might not be really for you cause you break out cause of it or something else! Here is another Tip: Lets say you want to buy a Product that you did tried or just really want it! Lets say the Porefessional by Benefit Cosmetics runs for 30$ at BUT on the same Site they have a Set with that Product FULL SIZE  & 4 other Products included for 45.00$! Its a 15$ extra, yes but you save on other Products that you might buy in the near Future! So consider buying Value Kits. BTW Ulta has a 2.50 Coupon i think every Week going on as well. & their Rewards Card!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the website, HauteLook has sales on clothes, beauty, etc. The brands are changed out every few days and items don't last long since the products are usually 20% to 30% retail price.
Last but not least, there are some Cosmetics that you just cant get on Sale or Clearence like MAC, cause they never will be cause you simply pay for what you get! Good Quality! Not that Drugstore isnt as Good, but Drugstore Products were made for your every Day Pocket... Personally i get High End Products for saving up Money from Couponing, Giftcards, Hautelook and of course when Hubby spoiles me.

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