Monday, May 14, 2012

Bath & Body Works Candle & Handsoap Haul

I know this isnt beauty related, but they on my Vanity, lighting up while i do my Makeup, so they def worth a Post! Anyway,  over the Weekend we went out to the Mall. And since Bath & Body Works had an amazing Sale going on i couldnt hold my Hands away from all those goodies, simply to say im addicted to this Store!  Right after you walk in you smell all those good Hand soaps, Lotions, Candles & all the other good Stuff! 

They had their 2 for 20$ Candle Sale (any additional candle 10$), and online there was a 10$ off coupon when you spend 30 or more, so i grabbed 3 & only paid 20$ and thats the price of usually only ONE! So gave me a 40$ Savings =]! 

The Peach Bellini smells really fruity, a lot of citrus fruits i would say & thats exactly what they claim too. The Market Peach smell really intensive and like you would sit on a porch on an old ranch and drink peach ice tea. The Wild Strawberry is my FAVORITE! It smells like CRAZY Wild Strawberry but if it would be mixed with your favorite Fragrance, really pretty. I ♥ those Candles!

Then i went ahead and bought Some Hand soaps cause they even smell better, if theres a better in that Store.. cause everything just smells so delicious & yummy and fruity and yeah i could go on =] They not your regular Hand soaps! Usually when i wash my Hands with any other Hand soap my Hands smell but thats gone as soon they dry, not with those. It leaves you the Scent on your Hands & makes them really smooth! They smell just as they claim to smell, but i def let you smell them yourself, cause in the end we all have different Likes, right? But trust me, you wont regret! Oh by the Way i got a Free Lotion with this Offer, buy 4 hand soaps get a free Hand Lotion, SCORE!

This Post wasnt Sponsered, i bought all Product with my own Money.
Till the Next Post, Smooches... 


  1. mmm I love bbw candles! that is basically all I buy from them now, but they're wonderful!

  2. I love bbw! Peach Bellini is one of my favourite candles from there! Great haul and lovely blog
    xx, Kels