Saturday, May 5, 2012


Guess its Time for April Favourites, i know im couple of Days late, but i just getting started with this Blog so i thought doing this Would be a Good Idea! 
Sodala, Willkommen zu meinen Beauty Blog, hoff es gefeallt euch, dass ich auch Deutsch berichten werde =]

Starting from the Left to the Right :] 

1 : NYX Blush in Mauve
First off, im not a huge Blush Fan, i barely use any! But i thought i give it a Try just to see how this one would Look Like... The Pigmentation is Okay, you barely see it on Dark Skin, since im very pale it does looks "natural".. What i didnt liked about that Blush was simply that it didnt stay on for long.. I would say for maybe 1-2 Hours.. All in one i would say, if you have to reapply Stuff like Powder during the Day and you dont mind reapplying a Blush as well then this is your Blush to go =]
Price: $5.99

2 : Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes
I was out of my last Facial Wipes, so i went out and tried these this past Month... It didnt break me out, but i didnt liked the Fact that they kinda Harsh on my Skin, I really have to Rub to get my Makeup off my Face. They are Dry, and i dont know, for me they just not Wet Enough... But i like the fact that it gets all my Makeup off, so if im too tired to go wash my Face before Bed, then those def help me doing the Job =]  
  Price: 3.99-5.99$

I had this Powder for a while now, but after i "youtubed" it, and my fav guru "teached" me for what you can use HD Powder for i took it out again.. I apply this after my Foundation. I use the little "puff" that it comes with, dipping it on my Face, this Way i fill in my HUGE Pores other wise you just "scrub" off your Foundation! End of Story: I love this Powder it is very affordable & really helps me with my Oily Skin, it is translusent so no Worries about picking the right Shade =] 
Price: 6$

4: B&BW Fine Fragrance Mist in Forever Sunshine
In the Begin of the Month i had a 20% off Coupon and you could combine it with their Buy3Get3ForFree Offer, so i went Crazy and bought 6 of them suckers and I LOVE THEM.. Even though they just mist`s which means they water based (perfume is oil based from what the lady told me in the Store) and only smell for i would say 1-2 Hours, i still would re purchase them, cause i just love the smell and the fact that they arent so expensive as fragrances... 
Price: 14$ Bought mine B3G3ForFree

5: MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl
I use this Base as a  Highlighter, and thats what it was made for. If you like a Glowy Finish on your Face but not too much of looking like a Christmas Ornament then this is for you! Cream Colour Bases are pretty solid in the pan but when warmed up with your fingers they become beautifully creamy. So I layer mine over the top of my foundation, after I've set it with a powder and use it as a highlight on the tops of my cheekbones and down the center of my nose and a tip under my Nose.  
 Price: 17.50$

 6: EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm Strawberry
This is by far the best Lip Balm i had, it smells so good, feels good on the Lips & the Packaging is just too cute =]
 Price: 2.99$

 7: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Quenched
 Im addicted to those Lip Balms! I seriously have like 6 laying down on my Vanity! They have SPF20 which i think its brilliant in a Lip Balm.. You always need some Suncare on your Face! They smell so good, they super duper moisturizing, and they come in tinted shades. The Texture is not bad at all, its not sticky at all, it just feels really smooth!
Price: 2.99$ for a 2Pack

Another Product i cant live without! They DEF a must have as a Mommy, cause where ever you go you always need anti bacterial to disinfect your Kids & your Hands to prevent any Bacterial coming into your Life :) Usually i carried a little Travel Bottle of any Anti Bacterial but then i discovered those! Bath & Body Works carries little Holders for those Tiny Bottles so you can attach them to your Purse or Diaper bag. So its on Place whenever you need it! But the best Part about those is the fact that they smell so incredibly GOOD! They have them in all kinds of fragrances. So DEF check them out, and trust me you wont regret! 
 Price: 1.50$

 9: WET N WILD MEGA LAST® NAIL COLOR in 218A I Need a Refresh-Mint
 First off im not a Huge Nail polish Fan at all, but when i saw this Color in the Store, i had to grab it! Its so Summerish and just gorgeous! I need little bit over one Coat, and its CHIP-RESISTANT! Love it!
 Price: 1.99$

10: NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Sugar Pie
Last Month i was really into Lip Products as you can see. So after all my Lip Balms and Lipsticks i get to use more often then usuall i topped everything with this Lipgloss, and personally i think this Color gives it a really natural Look with the Fact that its little bit of Shiny. So if you wear a Smokey Eye this would look good with it!
Price: 5.49$

11: Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation
This Foundation was on Sale so i combined it with a Coupon which gave me a great Deal on it, cause honestly i would not pay full Price for it. This Foundation comes without a Pump, its a flat, oval shaped applicator that is flat on one side. I wear this Foundation if i have to run quick errands.. But i would not wear it all Day long, cause it tends to give you a cakey look after a while, and for my Oily skin it sinks in every fine line on my Face. Its Okay to wear it though it doesnt has that sticky feeling on your Face!

Guess thats it for April Favorites. Please Apologize for my Bad English.. Im trying to get better in writing these Days =] If you have any Questions regarding Beauty Products that you would like to see a Review on Please contact me, or Comment below or just simply share your Opinion on those Products. Till next Time.


  1. Oh I wish I could get that stuff here in the UK :( Specifically Wet n Wild and Bath and Bodyworks :( Great post though :)

  2. Thank you =] ... yeah there are a lot of things i want from the UK too... companys should sell stuff overseas and vise versa :)

  3. I love everything in your favourites! Great choices :)