Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another collective Haul !!

I know i been shopping it up lately, but all because i want to give you guys some reviews on Products. I really got some good Deals as well. Anyway if you would like any Review please give me some Ideas on what. I know i been slacking on Blogposts lately but my son was keeping me very busy with Potty Training. Now that this is over with we can go back on Track with Reviews, right?

Im really excited to review the new Limited Edition Maybelline Lipsticks, i fall in love with them bad Boys =]

Friday, June 1, 2012

Collective Drugstore Haul

Just a small collective Haul.. last two Weeks or so =] im so stunned to try the sally hansen smooth & perfect nail polishes (got them on a kick ass deal too)!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation

I had this Foundation in my Vanity for at least three or four months now, i bought it, opened it saw the consistency of this foundation and took it right back way deep in the back of my Vanity drawer.
But couple of Days ago i thought i would give it a Try. Sadly i picked up the wrong Shade, i always go for something Ivory or Bright Beige with other Foundations but this one was way too Pink for me. Anyway before i review this, let me tell you that i have Oily / Combination Skin but still more on the Oily Site. Specially during the Summer! This is my personal and honest Opinion, cause as we all know, every product works different on everyone!

To be honest it has the weirdest texture! Is so "smoothy" just as they named this Product. But at the same time it feels super upper DRY! Its hard to describe, but on my Fingers it felt really really Good! After i checked the Consistency on that one, the first thing that came in to my Mind was the Loreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer, they almost identical even though the Primer from Loreal does not make my Skin as dry as this Foundation!

 It comes in a very pretty Jar (im not a jar person at all), and the Pink Lid actually was another Reason why i bought it. 0,67 FL OZ / 20 ML Im not sure why they say Fluid OZ cause this Product does not feel like Fluid at all...

Sheer, very Light! If you looking into Full Coverage i would not Suggest buying this.

I tried this with my F80 from Sigma, but the Brush sucked the Product way too deep in the Brush. So i went ahead and used my Fingers for it. When you apply it to your skin it rolls up into little balls which you have to attempt to blend into your skin ( see picture below ). It sinks into your lines/pores and unfortunately emphasizes these areas. I could see this working for someone with already flawless skin, but if you have any sort of imperfection as i have, i would stay away from it!

14.99-16.99$ , its very pricey for a drugstore foundation and the very low amount you getting!

Where to purchase: 
Available at all major pharmacies, Target, Walmart.

Would i Repurchase?: 
I would say NO! For someone like me who likes a Full Coverage has Oily / Acnce / Huge Pores Skin its something i would not Recommend. It fills in fine Lines, it makes your Pores visible, it doesnt cover any Imperfections and it just feels so dry on the Skin, specially on dry patches. So I stick to my Liquid Foundations. But if you looking into light coverage, and you have a perfect Skin then this is your Product. It has a Matte Finish so it def would look good on People with perfect Skin!
This Post wasnt Sponsered, i bought all Product with my own Money.
Till the Next Post, Smooches Beauties <3

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

I saw this at Target, and since i live in Utah & the Water here dries my Hair out and gives them a frizz like nothing else, i thought i would give this Product a try!

This Product comes in a 5.1 FL OZ Pump Bottle.. The Pump is very handy but to be honest i would prefer this Serum in a Sprayer Bottle, just because the Serum is so oily and after you applied it on your Hand and rubbed it on your Hairs, your Hands are Oily as something. The Consistency is not like straight Oily, it def runs slower then lets say Water, but still feels like you would have Oil in your Hand! Same as any other Garnier Fructis Products it smells good.
I apply this Product to my almost dry Hairs after i wash them. Be careful not to use too much of the Product cause if you do you will have greasy Hairs for sure. I usually use around a Pump and a half for my Hairs. Also dont apply this stuff near your Scalp, if you already have oily Hair like i do, just focus on your Ends & where your Hair is frizzy. All the Rest i just massage in the Rest of the Hair. After all that i proceed to blow dry and style.
Would I repurchase?:
I would say yes, it doesnt make my Frizz go away or anything but it makes my Hair feel Healthy and Shiny & just so incredibly smooth!

Where to purchase: 
Available at all major pharmacies, Target, Walmart.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Bath & Body Works Candle & Handsoap Haul

I know this isnt beauty related, but they on my Vanity, lighting up while i do my Makeup, so they def worth a Post! Anyway,  over the Weekend we went out to the Mall. And since Bath & Body Works had an amazing Sale going on i couldnt hold my Hands away from all those goodies, simply to say im addicted to this Store!  Right after you walk in you smell all those good Hand soaps, Lotions, Candles & all the other good Stuff! 

They had their 2 for 20$ Candle Sale (any additional candle 10$), and online there was a 10$ off coupon when you spend 30 or more, so i grabbed 3 & only paid 20$ and thats the price of usually only ONE! So gave me a 40$ Savings =]! 

The Peach Bellini smells really fruity, a lot of citrus fruits i would say & thats exactly what they claim too. The Market Peach smell really intensive and like you would sit on a porch on an old ranch and drink peach ice tea. The Wild Strawberry is my FAVORITE! It smells like CRAZY Wild Strawberry but if it would be mixed with your favorite Fragrance, really pretty. I ♥ those Candles!

Then i went ahead and bought Some Hand soaps cause they even smell better, if theres a better in that Store.. cause everything just smells so delicious & yummy and fruity and yeah i could go on =] They not your regular Hand soaps! Usually when i wash my Hands with any other Hand soap my Hands smell but thats gone as soon they dry, not with those. It leaves you the Scent on your Hands & makes them really smooth! They smell just as they claim to smell, but i def let you smell them yourself, cause in the end we all have different Likes, right? But trust me, you wont regret! Oh by the Way i got a Free Lotion with this Offer, buy 4 hand soaps get a free Hand Lotion, SCORE!

This Post wasnt Sponsered, i bought all Product with my own Money.
Till the Next Post, Smooches... 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Philosophy HAUL!

Here are some Pics, im going to review and say more pretty soon, after i get the Chance to try them out! Let me tell you already, the Quality effing rocks & the packaging even more, so FANCY! 

Hope you Guys have a Fantastic Weekend! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadow Quads

I had them for like 2 Weeks now. I dont tend to reach for them as much as i do with other of my Quads, but they really natural even though they come with lots of Shimmers! The most thing that bothers me is, when you dont have a small Brush then those will be little bit tricky to take the Eyeshadow on your Eye =]

Quad 002 English Oak:

Quad 007 Heart of Gold:

$5.99 A Quad, from where i found them!
Where to purchase: 
Available at all major pharmacies, Target, Walmart etc. 
Would i repurchase?
Im going to get other colors, but i wont repurchase the same colors over and over again, just because there is a tip too much of shimmer in them. But for those who love Shimmer i would def recommend them! If you want them to come out even more use a Eye Shadow Primer! Thanks for reading and i hope this Review was helpful to you =] always always xoxo